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Profiles of Courage- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 is progressing and displaying many changes in appearance and behavior. Tufts of downy light feathers are being replaced with new dark juvenile feathers as wing and tail feathers are emerging at a fast pace. E9 stands for longer periods of time and takes more steps across the nest as balance and strength allow upright walking and flapping of beautiful growing wings. E9 gained confidence teetering on the edge of the nest watching the world below as onlookers gasped. Meal deliveries see a more aggressive E9 rush to the food with the beginnings of tug-o-fish. Prey preparation becomes imprinted as E9 observes Mom and Dad de-furring and de-feathering recent catches. Attempts at self feeding on a leftover fish tail show how E9 becomes more coordinated with grasping and tearing prey just like Mom and Dad do. E9 moved sticks and nest material as nest building skills are learned. Some overnight hours found E9 alone in the nest like a big Eagle with Mom and Dad perched close by.

M15 delivers a huge fish to the nest. (wskrsnwings) 

The sound of alert vocals from Harriet and M15 cue E9 to lay low in the nest when any intruders dare to enter into their territory. Both displayed courage in defending their nest from visitors over the week. One intrusion was at dusk causing M15 and then Harriet to give chase to the offender escorting them out of the area. Another Eagle perched comfortably for a while on Mom’s perch in the upper tree. Dad vocalized the warning and the Eagle eventually flew off. Mom and Dad are always present and aware keeping constant watch over their family and ensuring that E9 will continue to achieve many more milestones on the journey to becoming a courageous majestic Eagle. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 

Beautiful profile of E9 with growing juvenile feathers. (Screen capture from SWFEC cams by Anja Edleman)


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cams by Grandpa Ron’s Video

Video captured from SWFEC cams by Lady Hawk

Harriet’s majestic profile. (Screen capture from SWFEC cams by Marissa Windel)

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