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Eagle Lessons Continue: Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet and M15’s teamwork in providing E9 with valuable lessons reaps big rewards. At just over 7 weeks old E9 is keenly aware of all that goes on and is quick to act when Mom or Dad return to the nest. E9 tracks their approach and rushes to see what they are bringing. While expecting food, E9 grabbed Dad’s toe as he delivered a stick not wanting to let go. Mom flew in with an air plant and was met with bite on the neck from E9 who wanted a fish. Aggressively getting to the food source is a vital tool and is encouraged at this point in E9’s education. E9 executed a perfect fish steal from Dad as he landed in the nest. E9’s showed strength and balance carrying the fish around the nest, standing on it and tearing off bites to self feed. Harriet and M15 eat on the nest as E9 watches. They will continue to feed E9 but won’t make it easy as they want E9 to grab for the food. The lesson being eat the meal quickly because it may disappear. A whole fish is a bit of a challenge and E9 asks for some help “unzipping” it to get started, Soon Dad will just make a food drop and go as E9 gets better at snatching the prey and mantling. All have been well fed as fish catches have been plentiful with M15 delivering several fish each day.An amazing wingspan reaches the boundaries of the nest as E9 flaps away “wingersizing” to build muscles for future flights. The breezy days allowed E9 to feel a little air time as feet came off the nest a few times while performing fly hops across the nest. Soon E9 will gain more and bigger air time as flight feathers continue to fill in and high hops and hovering will have all holding their breath.

Mom and Dad brought branches and sticks from the West pasture to secure the nest rails as E9 spends time on the edge peering out at the great beyond. Thicker branches will help E9 learn grip as hopping to branches in the nest tree will soon be accomplished. E9 displayed greater beak and feet coordination picking up and moving sticks and nest material. E9 helped Mom redecorated a with her favorite fresh pine boughs brought in. Mom may sense coming independence for her E9 as she arrives on the nest at times checking on and preening her protesting baby’s beautiful emerging feathers. E9 is excelling in Eagle lessons under the watchful protection, care and guidance of exceptional parents Harriet and M15.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz Header Photo by Desiree Deliz


Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

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