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All in a Day’s Workout- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 greeted the morning of the 8th week since hatch day with vocals to Mom and Dad who were perched on the attic branch just above the nest. They seemed to answer back with their “Good Morning” vocals. E9’s eagerness and energy gave way to exercising and strengthening of mighty wings. E9 caught the breezes and fly hopped with feet leaving the nest momentarily and landing on the railing. E9 is feeling confident on the nest edge looking over the rails to the happenings below. The nearest branch awaits E9 as the flapping and hopping increase and higher heights are reached. The once little fluffy E9 is quickly transitioning into a beautiful young raptor. 

Harriet and M15 are succeeding as they imprint skills and spark the awakening of E9’s instincts. E9 is progressing exceptionally with aggression in mantling food deliveries and stealing from Mom and Dad. Beak and feet strength increases daily as E9 holds on to and tears into the prey becoming better and better at self feeding. Meals over the week were mostly fish and a few furry mammals for E9 to work on. The flopping fish caused E9 to back away with surprise but hunger took over and E9 make quick work of the catch. Mom and Dad don’t linger very long in the nest with E9 who is in attack mode on their approach looking for food and grabbing on to their talons. Mom being Mom will eventually come back to help E9 and feed her baby. E9’s is becoming more independent which allows Harriet and M15 free time to perch and soar together further strengthening their bond to each other. 

Photo by Ian Murray- E9 on the Rails 

Some of E9’s biggest accomplishments have been and will continue to be getting food. E9 zeros in on morsels by foraging in the nest and keeping food by showing assertiveness in tug-o-war with Mom and Dad. Play time for E9 becomes learning time when coordination grows by grasping and transferring things from talons to beak. E9 works on building when moving sticks and nest material. Constant “wingersizing” is growing strong muscles in preparation for future flight. E9 takes command of the nest and seems ready to protect the nest when the little starling and grackle birds land on a nearby branch. Milestones are being surpassed up as E9 hones skills and instincts. Harriet and M15’s work never seems done as they prepare E9 for the journey to Majesty. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings 

Video Captures by Lady Hawk
SWFL Eagles ~

Desiree Deliz- E9 showing off his wingspan

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