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Weather, Wind and Wings- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has been making remarkable strides on the journey of Eagle life. Nature provides for all creatures to learn to adapt daily no matter the weather or conditions. Foggy and misty mornings did not dampen E9’s quest for action and food. Strong beautiful wings took E9 to new heights and longer fly hops across the nest landing on the very top of the nest rails with a firm grasp. As E9’s courage grows the next landing places will be the nearby branches.

E9’s winging and hopping expend much energy which is refueled with plentiful fish and prey deliveries by Dad and an occasional catch by Mom. E9 is now in mob and mantle mode looking for food when Mom and Dad return to the nest. Last look showed they still have their toes intact after being grabbed by E9. M15 usually drops off the meal and leaves the nest. E9 is doing well self feeding but has yet to “unzip” a whole fish or de-fur prey. An armored catfish and a rabbit proved to be challenging prey for E9. Mom eventually helped serve up the meals while encouraging E9 to steal food from her. Mom relentlessly preens E9 who protests but after all, Mom is the boss. Harriet arrived with sticks, moss and grasses and a dried palm heart to pique E9’s interest. E9 grasps and moves sticks and spreads nest material around working on the nest and coordination.

Strong winds arrived in the area and stayed for several days. The breezes enticed E9 to unfold majestic wings catching air for longer periods. As the wind became forceful Mom stayed in the nest with E9 who laid low at times sensing possible danger of being swept off the nest before the time is right. Harriet and M15 being excellent Eagle parents were both there to protected E9 from the wind gusts and any imminent threat. Growing awareness, sharper skills and keener instincts will serve E9 well as reaching the first branch and taking the first flight become a reality. Nest Notes By dadsjazz

E9’s impressive wing over Mom. (Photo captured from SWFEC camera by Martine Meunier) 


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

Family holding on in the strong winds. (Photo captures from SWFEC by Diana Lambertson)

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