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Flying Like The Wind- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 is well equipped with skills and instincts that continue to be honed as first flight becomes a reality. Some may say that E9’s fledge was a slip and although E9’s leap of faith was while hanging upside down, recovery was quick and there was indeed a flight to the west pasture. E9 landed on the ground for the first time jumping, grabbing, carrying sticks and experiencing all the new sensations and sights. E9 lifted off the ground and executed a short flight landing on the fence. Dad flew to the ground with a fish gift for E9’s fledge and Mom arrived a moment later to help feed her fledgling. E9 dropped to the ground to mantle and claim the fish but got distracted by all the new views from there. E9 strolled along the driveway in the Eagle walk fashion looking quite entertained and eventually rushed back to the meal. Dad took off with the fish trying to lure E9 to the nest and Mom flew around the pasture seeming to show E9 the flight path back.

Away from the safety of the nest tree E9 was fair game for the crows and other birds diving at and warning E9 away. The horses were curious to see the new visitor E9 in the pasture as well. E9 flew a long flight to the west pasture and took cover in the thicker tree line. Mom and Dad visited the area where E9 landed throughout the day. As darkness arrived Mom and Dad flew back to the attic branch and E9 spent overnight in the west pasture. Worrisome as it may have been all was well as E9 emerged from the west pasture flying beautifully around the west pasture and eventually to the nest pasture. The day was a continuous adventure for E9 moving from tree to tree feeling the wind and basking in the freedom of flight.

E9’s early morning flight from the nest tree by Sharon Dunne

The previous 11 weeks of growing, winging and branch hopping have all led to the ultimate milestone of free flying and exploration for E9. The progression throughout the week for E9 was reaching higher heights heights and making farther flights. E9 is a strong and focused fledgling flying with purpose and confidence. E9 became more independent and chose to spend another night perched on the camera 2 tree. Harriet and M15 are very much aware of their youngster’s whereabouts and needs. The coming weeks will be more lessons as E9 begins following Mom and Dad to their hunting grounds and fishing holes and learning where the meals actually come from. E9 is an eager and energetic learner hungry for more adventure and is navigating well on this journey. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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