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E9 The Adventurer- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 takes flight in the early morning maneuvering from tree to tree, limb to limb, to the ground and back again with great speed and ease. E9 perched on the favorite snag trees near the pasture pond observing the area and looking for new places and experiences. Tremendous flying skills paired with a keen eye and sense of adventure and curiosity prepare E9 for daily exploration of the nest pasture and beyond. E9 traveled to the far ends of the territory finding the way to Yonder Pond across the busy road. The calm and quiet of Yonder Pond is alluring and E9 ventured there a few times over the week taking in all the new sights and sounds. Trees on the very edges of the pasture and just outside it are regular resting and perching places during E9’s flights through the territory. By week’s end E9 discovered new heights while soaring the thermals for the first time with the wood storks and vultures.
Harriet and M15 continue to supply fish and prey for E9 to the nest and even to the pond snag. E9 worked on eating while balancing on the branch eventually dropping the fish. Teaching E9 that any opportunity can produce a food, Dad dropped in with a fish to the ground and was met by aggressive E9 battling for the meal. E9 grows more and more confident stealing and protecting the food. E9’s took a first trip to the pond bank chasing Mom and the ducks swimming by. E9 has dipped a talon or two into the water but as of this writing has yet to take the plunge.
Harriet and M15 perched overnight in nest tree and other trees in the area. E9 roosted alone in the west pasture, on the camera 2 tree and branches of the nest tree. Coming weeks will see E9 following Mom and Dad on longer flights finding sources of food and possibly seeing E9 hunting for themselves. Mom and Dad encourage E9 in all the new lessons and E9 is passing with flying colors! Harriet and M15 are leading and guiding E9 in preparation for the journey to Eagle Life in the wild, E9’s biggest adventure of all.
Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady HAwk

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