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The Hunt is On- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 has become a great flyer and explorer of the territory. Twists and turns maneuvering through the trees feeling the freedom of soaring have taken E9 to new and exciting places. E9 practices and sharpens lessons learned and inherent skills with each new day. Nature has provided E9 with many of the necessary tools for survival and with great Eagle parents to pave the way for E9’s success. E9 has grown in confidence and courage engaging in hunting and fishing behaviors, skimming the pond flushing out the water fowl swimming there and flying after the other birds constantly buzzing by. E9 works on agility hopping from branch to branch among the trees, picking at the bark, pulling at the leaves and pine needles, losing balance and regaining it to fly off. What may seem like antics and play are actions that build strength and ability as E9 begins to hunt and catch prey.

M15 had a banner day fishing delivering several fish in a short period of time. E9 displayed tremendous ability in preserving the fish stash and even tried to hide some of it from Mom and Dad as they stood by. E9 feasted on the meal to almost bursting. E9 successfully stole a fish from Mom on the pond snag and flew back to the nest with it. Harriet and M15 have provided E9 every opportunity to excel.

Observers of nature are drawn in and find solace in its beauty and peacefulness. Our humanness allows us to make observations with our hearts. We can never know for sure the workings of it all. Possibilities that we can never predict or see happen throughout nature.

As time grows nearer for E9 to embark on the hunt for the greatest adventure of all, we have seen that E9 will fare well as an intelligent and skilled Juvenile Eagle. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

E9 winging in the rain (Photo captured from SWFEC cam by Tadeusz Kacynski)


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

E9 flies over the pond on an adventure (Photo captured from SEFEC by Sharon Dunne

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