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Magnificence in the Making- Weekly Nest Notes

E9 is just over 100 days old and is learning that there are no limits to what a young Eagle can achieve. Soaring to higher heights among the vultures, other juvenile eagles and birds and exploring farther reaches of the territory are great accomplishments as E9 heeds the call of adventure. E9 improved hunting abilities skimming the ponds as the ducks dove for cover. E9 maneuvers through the trees and branches searching and discovering. Nest building becomes ingrained as E9 grabbed sticks to bring and place in the nest. E9 protected the territory warning away another Juvenile Eagle landing in the pond tree. Independent E9 spent overnight hours alone in the nest tree and other perches in the area. Solo flights to outer areas in the territory and back show E9’s stamina and intelligence. Many behaviors are imprinted from Harriet and M15, many are instinctual and all are tremendous survival tools for E9. Magnificence has been in the making as E9 prepares for Eagle Life. 

E9’s journey to this point has been one of abundant food and excellent care as a solo Eaglet and Fledgling. Rearing a young raptor seems to pose challenges as Harriet and M15 strike a balance to teach E9 to be aggressive and to also avoid danger. Mom and Dad act as possible competition for food with E9, sparring for the meal, engaging in tug-o-war and taking the food away from E9. All are hard but necessary lessons that will be essential for survival in a Juvenile Eagle’s life. M15 has been a great provider for E9 food wise and lesson wise. Harriet watches out for and cares for her “baby” with her stern but gentle ways. The drive to venture out becomes stronger for E9. Nature and nurture have provided E9 with an amazing blueprint to experience all that a strong, eager, independent and intelligent Juvenile Eagle can possess for the journey ahead.

Nest Notes by dadsjazz 


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

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