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Journey To Greatness- Weekly Nest Notes

Harriet, M15 and E9 spend less and less time in the pasture and are rarely in the nest or nest tree lately. E9 may be out practicing and sharpening all the survival tools garnered over the months. E9 appeared in the nest on a few occasions, laid down for a minute or two and then was off again to a new experience. Harriet and M15 still keep watch over their territory and look in on their accomplished offspring. M15 has continued to deliver a meal most days for the family. He managed to keep a fish for himself which is a switch for M15 who has tirelessly and efficiently provided for his family. Many behaviors have been imprinted on E9 in the nest and territory and also away from view. E9 displayed fierceness in defending and stealing food and in self protection. Subtle changes in the dynamics of the family seem inevitable as E9 grows even more confident and independent. Strength, courage and wit and are some of the invaluable abilities E9 possesses that will serve this young Raptor well in the wild.

Mom and Dad have invested many hours and expended much energy rearing and preparing E9. Harriet and M15’s calling is to accept that their exceptional young Eagle will soon be off on the journey. Their focus becomes renewal of their bond and commitment to each other in preparation for their next generation of offspring. E9 is naturally driven to soar to greater heights and to explore new horizons. As time draws near for E9’s departure to learn the ways of Eagle life under the watchful eyes of the Great Eagle Spirit, there is no sadness, there is no end, there is only a new beginning.

Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video captured from SWFEC Cameras by Lady Hawk

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