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Eagle Life in Bloom- Weekly Nest Notes

The season is in full swing as Harriet and M15 continue to add sticks to the railings and grasses to their nest. Harriet does her part bringing moss and fresh sprigs of pine needles. Discussions ensue over placement of the materials resulting in Harriet getting the say-so most times. M15 is more consistent with food deliveries for Harriet. Great care is taken in the meal department since there have been juvenile and subadult Eagles following M15 who might be looking to snag an easy lunch. These visitors possibly have traveled a long way, they are hungry and may associate a nest and adult Eagles with food. These could be some reasons why there are so many lurking around. The newly adult Eagles visiting the area are instinctively looking for mates and nests of their own. Harriet and M15 remain cautious with these interested visitors encroaching in their territory. They are only tolerated for a short time before being escorted away. As time for egg laying nears Harriet and M15 will consider all visitors as intruders and not allow any near their nest or territory.

Harriet has been observed “footing” or giving M15 the “love tap” and flapping her wings at and over him. The female Eagle uses this behavior to show dominance over the male Eagle and to encourage mating. In doing so Harriet ensures that M15 will be loyal to her and their eaglets, providing food and protection for them and taking an active part in their care and rearing. Harriet rules the roost so to speak keeping the Eagle Family together. M15 has done an excellent job fulfilling all of the needs for Harriet and their young.

M15 and Harriet have been taking time to enjoy their pond and surroundings. They perched in the nest tree overnight a few nights and spent the night away on other occasions. They appear to be eating well looking healthy and well rested. It is evident that Harriet and M15’s bond is strong and they are ready to heed their calling to bring new life to the pasture. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Video captured from SWEFC cameras by Lady Hawk

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Uta Große

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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