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Weekly Nest Notes- A Team on a Mission

Cooler and breezier weather may be prompting Harriet and M15 to ramp up their “nestorizing” work getting the nest ready for eggs. Harriet has laid eggs as early as the second week of November and as late as the end of December. A lot of signs may be pointing to earlier rather than later for egg laying. Their mating and bonding frequency has increased. They have both been diligently bringing large sticks for the rails. M15 shows his skills in flying at and grabbing just the right stick. Harriet is a master at stick choice and lands gracefully in the nest with her addition. M15 gathers grasses and mosses to soften the nest bole for the eggs. M15 works tirelessly and provides abundant meals for Harriet. 

Harriet and M15 adapt to their environment that includes distractions and intrusions. There were bright lights that spooked them off the nest tree one night. A young adult Eagle boldly arrived in the nest looking very comfortable. The Eagle at first appeared to be injured. Harriet arrived to flush the intruder out of the nest. The Eagle returned again and again as M15 and Harriet warned it away. This Eagle eventually left the area but reports are that it had been in the area before and has had the injuries for a long time. These are more signs that show the strength and determination all Eagles display in their fight for survival. Another Eagle pair visits the edge of Harriet and M15’s domain. As Eagle populations increase there is an overlapping of territories that usually encompass one mile. During nesting season there is less tolerance for any encroachments. Harriet and M15 let it be known that they are a great team on their mission to defend each other, their family and their territory.
Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Lady Hawk

Video captured from SWFEC cameras by Uta Große

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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