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Weekly Nest Notes:  Preparing for the New Generation

The week was filled with a lot of nest work. M15 and Harriet have been busy adding soft nest materials to the center forming a nicely cushioned nest bole for eggs. M15 has been lying in and digging in the bole to keep it fluffed up. They both have been bringing a lot of large sturdy branches for the rails which will help contain adventurous eaglets. M15 makes frequent food deliveries displaying his readiness to feed Harriet and their young. Harriet seemed a bit feisty over the week encouraging M15 by “footing” and wing flapping over him. These behaviors show her readiness to mate but also her dominance over M15. Female Eagles are the more dominant partner in the relationship to insure the male Eagle’s loyalty to her and their eaglets. He will be needed to share all the responsibilities for their family. This will be the third season of rearing eaglets for Harriet and M15. Although M15 was a young inexperienced Male when he arrived, he has become an exceptional mate for Harriet and Dad to their young.


Harriet and M15 are more aware of their surroundings and work together keeping any intruders at bay. The neighboring eagle couple keeps their distance but  they are also protecting their territory and getting ready for their own family. The pesky owl has made a swipe or two at Harriet and M15 as they perched in the nest tree over night. 

All eyes have been on Harriet and M15 as their actions indicate their readiness. Their hormones are in full force and they are displaying some of the notable behaviors of aggression, more frequent mating and ramped up nest building. Closer to egg time we may see the formation of a nest cup, a smaller area in the center of the bole to hold newly laid eggs. Harriet and M15 will each develop a brood patch which is a place on their chest area where feathers fall off or are removed exposing skin to help with egg incubation.  Excitement is growing to see the new generation of Harriet and M15’s offspring. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 


Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cams)

Video by Uta Große (captured from SWFEC cams)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings


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