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Weekly Nest Notes: It is All on Eagle Time

Harriet stayed close to the nest she loves over the week. M15 was in a high gear searching far and wide for the perfect nest materials. He brought in large sticks and branches and a lot of grasses. M15 dug in and laid in the nest to get the fluff just right in preparation for their precious cargo. Harriet brought in boughs of her favorite fresh pine. They work with a sense of urgency to get it all done. Their frequent mating helps to insure fertilized eggs and also strengthens their bond to each other. M15 provided many food gifts to Harriet in his efforts to further show his loyalty to her. M15 has been a devoted partner to Harriet and he has grown very confident and skilled in the ways of the Eagle.

Harriet and M15’s senses are heightened in defense of their territory. They remain on high alert even while roosting overnight in the nest tree keeping one eye on their surroundings. Visitors are not well tolerated now that they are in nesting and breeding mode. Juvenile Eagles have been spotted flying by the nest. A few have followed M15 back to the nest as he carried food.  Some have speculated the visitors may be past offspring.  Juvenile Eagles may associate a nest with food and could be looking to steal a meal or two. These beautiful Juvenile’s identities may never be known and even if they are relatives, they would not be welcome in the area. They would be treated as intruders and then warned and escorted away. The Eagle population in Florida is very healthy which allows for many young Eagles to be seen soaring the skies on their mission to survive.Indications are favorable for Harriet and M15 as they heed their calling to procreate.  When will eggs be laid? This is a question only Harriet can answer. All will happen according to Eagle time. Nest Notes by dadsjazz  


Video by Lady Hawk

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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