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Weekly Nest Notes: Patient & Dedicated

Harriet calls out at first light softly and then loudly possibly to signal that she needs a break after her long overnight shift. M15 is usually perched above the nest or very close by the nest tree and arrives to eagerly takes over duties. Harriet and M15 spend endless hours on the nest patiently caring for their precious Eggs. They execute well timed exchanges as one leaves and the other arrives for their turn on the nest. They endure the sun on warm days, keep the Eggs dry on rainy days and shake off the bothersome bugs at night. They rise up for a stretch, fluff up the grasses in the nest cup, carefully roll the Eggs and finally anchor their beak and shimmy down to the perfect position for incubating. Harriet and M15 are completely  dedicated to the life growing inside their perfect possessions.Harriet and M15 are constantly on guard protecting their nest and Eggs. A young Eagle flew to the upper branch and stayed a while under very vocal protest from Harriet. She stayed with her Eggs which are her main priority. When M15 returned, their vocal warnings gave notice to the intruder and Harriet promptly escorted the visitor away. On another occasion Harriet watched from the nest as a sub adult Eagle chased M15 around the pasture and the nest tree. It appeared that M15 had a fish in his talons.  Food is a great motivator and each case may have been that the intruder was after a meal. M15 finally dodged the sub adult and Harriet again chased the sub adult eagle from the pasture.  Harriet enjoyed some of her free morning hours perched on a tall power pole in the area preening and stretching after her hours incubating. M15 was observed soaring the skies during his time off the nest. They have each been to the pond to bathe and refresh for their next shift. In a few short weeks all eyes will be on the nest and the priceless Eggs looking for signs of hatching, a pip, a small opening which will give way to the beauty that has been growing inside under the tender and watchful care of Mom and Dad. Nest Notes by dadsjazz


Videos by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cams)

Ground videos by wskrsnwings

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