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Weekly Nest Notes: Timing and Teamwork

The chill in the air seemed to be welcomed by Harriet as she lay sleeping restfully with her head tucked under her wing. M15 took his place on the branch above keeping the overnight watch. Harriet and M15 work together as a finely tuned team toward their goal. They changed up their routine when M15 took a few hours of the night shift and Harriet flew off in a new direction on her early morning break.  At times the nest resembles a landing strip as one flies off on the tail of the other arriving. Harriet and M15 relish in their incubating duties which may seem to some to be long and arduous. They each take their turn, selflessly spending many hours caring for their treasured Eggs. The Starlings congregate in the nest tree and sound as if they are serenading Harriet and M15 while they pass their time waiting and observing all that goes on in the area. Activities in their territory are carefully monitored at this critical time and intruders are not tolerated.  

Harriet and M15 each spent time away from Egg duty soaring the skies, hunting or perched somewhere close with their nest in plain sight and easily accessible.  M15 delivered fish to Harriet but it seems they eat most of their meals away from the nest possibly to keep any interested scavengers away. Additional sticks and grasses were brought in as their instincts may have predicted the arrival of rain and cooler weather. Harriet and M15 remain focused on protection, insulation and incubation of their precious Eggs. Their well-invested efforts will soon reveal the miracle of new life in the world. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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