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Weekly Nest Notes: Keeping the Focus

Harriet and M15 remain focused during the homestretch to hatch time for their precious Eggs. Their peak performance in exchanges and vigilance in the caring for their prized possessions brings to light the importance of their mission. They continually adapt to the many circumstances presented to them. They instinctively make adjustments to the nest by adding materials and repositioning the Eggs and their balance over them ensuring they are evenly incubated. They are acutely aware of all the comings and goings as life moves on in the pasture. A beautiful sub adult Eagle stopped by the nest tree. M15 sounded his warning to the visitor who looked comfortable perched on the branch. M15 stayed in the nest vocalizing and protecting his Eggs. The young Eagle, who seemed to pose no threat, eventually flew away. 

Harriet and M15 seemed to keep near to their nest over the week. M15 took some turns incubating longer into the night shift which is usually the time Harriet is on the nest. They shared a few rare moments perched together to maintain their bond to each other. They each benefit from time away from incubating duties relaxing, visiting the pond and soaring in the skies.  Harriet and M15 may be sensing the time is coming when peeps from hungry little beaks will be demanding even more of their attention.  They have been exceptional partners in their journey as they prepare to welcome their new offspring. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video by wskrsnwings

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