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Weekly Nest Notes- Hatch Edition- The Continuing Journey

Late summer of 2017 began with preparations for the upcoming nesting season when Harriet and M15 reunited renewing their bond to each other. They surveyed the nest for soundness after it sat idle over the long hot summer months. Harriet made appearances to her nest and territory off and on throughout that time as she has over the last several years. They worked together in the early mornings adding sticks, branches, moss and grasses, readying the nest. M15 has become an exceptional nest builder as the nest rails grew higher and higher. 

As time for egg laying drew near, Harriet became more demanding and she asserted her dominance. Her actions of approaching M15 with her wing flaps, “love kicks” and vocals showed him her readiness and encouraged his compliance. M15 showed his devotion by bringing food and fish gifts to Harriet which she eagerly accepted. They spent time perching and soaring together, continuing their mating rituals as they weld their bond and their commitment to another season of rearing young.

As nature would have it two perfect Eggs were laid, one on November 19 and the other on November 21. Harriet and M15 embraced this time of incubating, executing well timed exchanges on nest duty and insuring the safety and comfort of their precious charges. They are a finely tuned team in their efforts to further their species. 

Harriet and M15 realized the fruits of their labor as two strong little eaglets broke out of their shells into the world, E10 on December 26 and E11 on December 27.  The next leg of their journey as a family presents new adventure and challenges. The eaglets will grow quick and strong and will be schooled in the ways of Eagle life. Right out of the shell their survival instincts are full steam ahead as each wrestles to get the first bites of food. The action may be hard to see but is imperative in their struggle to thrive. Each learns lessons in the interactions, get to the food and lay low when necessary for self-preservation. E10 and E11 are priceless little miracles who will hopefully grow into majestic Eagles under the dedicated and watchful care of amazing Eagle Parents as their journey continues. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Video of Hatching and First Looks

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)


Video by Lady Hawk   (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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