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Weekly Nest Notes: Feathers, Wings & More!

E10 and E11 are checking off more milestones in their young lives as they change seemingly minute by minute.   Their contour, wing and tail feathers are beginning to emerge and they spend a lot of time preening them. Remnants of light gray downy fluff gives them a comical appearance but it will be replaced with beautiful juvenile feathers.  Spectacular wings are unfolding and  E10 and E11 begin to get the feel of the breezes as they flap away. Balance and leg strength grows and they will soon be walking upright.  They spar frequently when one encroaches on the other’s space with a wing slap or leg bump, much like saying “Stop touching me!” They are seen in the next moment sleeping snuggled together. They slept in the nest one night alone under the watchful eyes of Mom and Dad perched above. Mom sheltered her growing babies as best she could from the wind and rain. Security and safety are a priority as Harriet and M15 defend their young and territory from any intruders. They continue to renew their bond and commitment to each other and their family.

Harriet and M15 delivered a wide variety of food to welcoming and eager E10 and E11. Mealtime is mostly calm since the food is abundant but they do have a pecking order. Tug-o-fish or prey helps them learn to go for the food and eat it before it is gone. E11 snagged a few fish tails that Harriet usually keeps for herself.  Both Eaglets pick at the “nestovers” and will soon be strong enough to tear off pieces for themselves.

Harriet and M15 constantly add new nest materials. Harriet flew in with a large air plant (bromeliad) that E10 and E11 used for entertainment and a pillow. Harriet also brought pine branches to decorate the nest. E10 and E11 watch and follow the actions of Mom and Dad as they move sticks and material around the nest. Learned behaviors and instincts will serve them well through their journey to adulthood as magnificent Eagles.
Nest Notes by dadsjazz.  

Photo by Anita Earnest Photography

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (capturers from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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