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Weekly Nest Notes: Family First!

The weeks seem to fly by so to speak as E10 and E11 gain height, weight, juvenile feathers, wingspan, appetites and the beginnings of engaging in Eagle behaviors. The distinguishing characteristics are so minimal that it is hard to tell one from the other at times. E10, as the first hatched seems to be slightly ahead of E11, standing for longer periods of time, walking across the nest and starting to use those big feet to hold onto items and tear them apart. E11 is on the same track. They have been observing Mom and Dad arriving with sticks and grasses. Both Es have been practicing moving nest material, carrying sticks from one place to the other and even setting them on each other and on the rails. Their awareness is heightened as they track the skies above watching for flying objects and other birds. They curiously peer over the edge of the nest watching the activity below but their inborn sense of fear helps keep them within the boundaries. Expanding wings are growing stronger with each flap, flap, flap and they will soon be getting some lift from the breezes. In a few short weeks, they will be nearly the size of Mom and Dad. Family dinner time on the nest is getting crowded. Harriet makes sure her big babies are secure spending the nights with them in the nest or just perched above. During recent wind and rain, Mom stayed to offer some shelter and comfort. Dad is never far away and sets his sights on protecting his family. Harriet and M15’s foremost focus is their precious Es but they also take time to strengthen their bond and commitment to each other.

M15 is a masterful hunter and seems to take every opportunity to find a meal for his growing family. He and Harriet have kept the food coming in large quantities. The menu has been a variety of fish large and small along with selections of feathered and furry items.  Dad enjoys feeding E10 and E11, however, Mom takes the role of managing most of the feedings. Harriet seems to encourage her offspring to be aggressive at meal times and even though E10 and E11 have rarely known hunger, they eagerly vie for their share. They pick through the “nestovers” looking for morsels and are stealing from each other. These behaviors will prove invaluable in their quest for food when they are on their own. More activities, progress and lessons are on the horizon for these two dark beauties. Harriet and M15 are dedicated to the care and protection of E10 and E11 and the cultivation of the skills that will carry them through their lives. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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