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Weekly Nest Notes: Standing Tall

E10 and E11 are accomplishing quite a list of milestones reached. Their strength and balance have multiplied and they are standing tall while walking around the nest. Their trips to the edge to watch the big wide world have drawn many gasps from onlookers.  Windy days allows the unfolding of mighty wings, feeling the lift from the air and performing small hops while “wingercizing”. Two healthy Eaglets with wings out and flapping leaves little room for much else.  E11 was first to self-feed with E10 quickly following suit. Both track Mom and Dad’s flight into the nest and greet them with loud vocal “squees”.  E11 rushed to a food delivery, grabbed the prey from Dad and performed a mantle, which is spreading wings over food to protect it.  E11 was not sharing and played keep away from E10. Good lessons on getting your fish and eating it too! Soon, meals will be dropped and left for E10 and E11 to battle over. Also good practice for stealing and keeping food when in the wild.

E10 seems to be more interested in stick moving and nest building. Both have been carrying nest items from place to place. E11 took a liking to Mom’s bromeliad plant moving it and tearing it apart. Harriet and M15 continue to add sticks and grasses to the nest as E10 and E11 delight in breaking it down. The once tall nest rails that confined little Eaglets are mostly nonexistent. 

Coming weeks will show more progress and advancement in E10 and E11’s development. More milestones will be achieved under the careful guidance and care from exceptional Eagle parents. E10 and E11 will grow taller and stronger. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.Header


Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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