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Weekly Nest Notes: Dynamic Duos

Harriet and M15 executed dramatic deliveries of food to the nest over the week further displaying their exceptional teamwork and dedication in providing for E10 and E11. Harriet flew low into the pasture and landed with a very large rabbit. She spent considerable time de-furring and eating some of the prey to lighten the load. Her numerous attempts to lift and fly with the rabbit were foiled by her exhaustion and the size of the prey.  M 15 arrived with his usual flair on the snag tree, realized Harriet’s struggle and proceeded to make several attempts eventually getting the rabbit to the nest. E10 and E11 observed and took in all action as Mom and Dad succeeded in their efforts. They greeted Dad’s arrival with excitement rushing to be fed and pulling pieces off for themselves. 

Dramatic delivery PartII: Harriet arrived at the pond in the evening and caught an Anhinga (large waterfowl). She began to de-feather and consume some of the bird to bring it back to the nest. Again the load was heavy and she made several attempts landing in the snags and the front pine carrying the prey. As darkness was setting one last try to get to the nest ended when the prey fell to the ground below the nest tree. She arrived on the attic branch vocalizing her possible frustration at losing the prey. Tomorrow was another day. The foggy morning began with Harriet and M15 on the OCT (Old Cam Tree) and as the light allowed, Harriet flew to the ground and retrieved the bird. She again made several attempts to finally fly into the nest with her catch, to watching and eager E10 and E11. 

Impressive Eagle parents Harriet and M15 impart survival skills and lessons to E10 and E11 who are a dynamic duo in their own right. They have broken through many milestones as they inch closer to the day they will be on their own journey. E10 and E11 have gained strength and stamina while exercising beautiful wings catching some air and fly-hopping across the nest. They walk with coordination and confidence and stand for long periods of time.  They are grabbing, mantling and eating on their own more. They figured out how to unzip (open) a whole fish Dad dropped off and proceeded to practice back and forth stealing from each other keeping the prey to eat.  Their gripping strength and balance are tested as they stand on the nest rails and get a foot on part of the spike branch. Courage and curiosity will carry them to the next part of their journey. E10 and E11 continue to flourish as Harriet and M15 employ their energy and talents to provide for their dynamic family.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Dramatic Deliveries VideosGround Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video Highlights of the Week

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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