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Weekly Nest Notes: MILESTONE ALERT! The Eaglets have Branched!

Harriet and M15’s diligence in raising E10 and E11 have produced great rewards. These two active and healthy Eaglets have amassed a wealth of skills and behaviors and have surpassed many milestones over the last months. They have progressed through their “baby steps” and are now setting their sights on bigger goals. The closeness of their ages has seemed to allow them to experience everything at almost the same time. E11 was the first to mantle and grab a whole fish from Dad. E11 also was the first to figure out “open” the fish by starting at the mouth or gills of the fish. De-furring or de-feathering may be the next lesson. E10 was mastering stealing and keeping prey away from E11 as they engaged in many food fights back and forth.

 M15’s accomplishments in hunting and providing for his family have been stellar. He may have broken his own record delivering 8 fish in one day. Harriet balances the care of her family with tenderness and at times sternness. She takes control over the food deliveries when M15 has other ideas. It seems at times she wants E10 and E11 to try to feed themselves and then at some point she will swoop in and feed her growing babies. Harriet keeps a close eye on E10 and E11 and makes sure they are preening all of their beautiful feathers. If not, watch out Mom is going to do it for them which they do not like. Harriet stayed with them through a rain storm offering support but not much shelter. She may sense that time will be nearing when E10 and E11 will be more independent and displays her mothering instincts. 

E10 and E11 have been exercising their magnificent wings over the weeks feeling big air and landing on the very top of the nest rails. They have both slept standing up in the nest overnight as their confidence grows. One of the most noteworthy milestones to date is that E10 looked around and with purpose fly-hopped onto the veranda branch for the very first time as E11 looked on. E10 seemed surprised at first and then very comfortable perching there, preening and watching the world from a new perspective. E11 flapped all over the nest maybe looking for a spot to land too since branching could be catchy. As of this writing, E11 has not made it to a branch but may well do so soon. After a while, E10 climbed back down to the nest easily but cautiously. Not to be left off the branch, the next morning, E11 stood on the nest edge and looked to be aiming for the porch. Mighty wings caught big air and E11 performed a perfect landing on the veranda branch. E11 enjoyed the view for a few minutes and landed back on the nest easily. E10 watched younger sibling in action. Now the antics begin as these two brave and adventurous Eaglets explore the nest tree and beyond. The journey continues as these beautiful Eaglets take their cues from exceptional Eagle Parents and are flourishing.     

Nest Notes by dadsjazz.   

Weekly Video Highlights

Milestone Video by Lady Hawk (Captured from SWFEC Cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC Cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Photo by Anja Edelman

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