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Weekly Nest Notes: Wings in the Wind

E10 and E11 frolicked in the warm breezy weather over the week and took every opportunity to use their majestic wings to catch the wind and lift themselves to higher heights.  Their daring high hops helped them move from the spike to the veranda and back to the nest smoothly and easily. They ventured out farther on the veranda branch and higher to the tip of the spike while flapping wildly in the wind. They launched to and perched on the veranda branch together. The next stop may be out to the porch or up higher to the attic branch to sit with Mom and Dad. As E10 and E11 gain strength, confidence and balance a flight away from the nest tree will be a future adventure.

While E10 seems to be slightly ahead as far as branching, E11 has been mastering the art of grabbing and mantling the abundant food deliveries by both Harriet and M15. Dad is seen dropping the fish and taking off since his toes are the target of some of the grabbing. Many rounds of stealing from each other and holding on to the catch will be helpful when E10 and E11 are on their own looking to steal a meal. Since they have the ability to open and self-feed fish,  the menu was changed up with squirrel and egret. De-furring and de-feathering lessons will be harder to learn and Mom eventually will step in to help. As their agility grows E10 and E11 pick up items in the nest and carry them from place to place using their talons and beaks. They have regular sparring matches some playing, some may be vying for personal space and possibly a showing of dominance. E10 has become a more formidable match for E11 than in the past as each is still growing and learning skills. Harriet and M15 perch most evenings on the attic branch together gazing down at their healthy eaglets seeming content in their successes preparing them for their journey in becoming magnificent Eagles. Nest Notes by dadsjazz                            

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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