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Weekly Nest Notes: The Freedom of Flight

The week was filled with major milestones for E10 and E11.  They have been building strong wings and muscles preparing for their first flights.  They executed short flights from branch to branch gaining confidence and balance in their jaunts around the nest tree.  As they hovered higher and higher it was evident that they were ready to take the leap to their maiden voyages away from the security of the nest tree.  With great purpose and outstretched wings, E10 took flight from a lower branch on the nest tree, landing perfectly on one of the snag trees by the pond in the pasture.  Ah- the taste of freedom! E10 took in all the new sights and sounds of their territory for a long while then flew strongly back with a great landing in the nest.  E11 looked on to big sibling’s return, seemed startled and became protective of the food that Harriet brought earlier. E10 ventured near and far from the nest tree perfecting flights over the next days. As has been the usual progression of these two Es, the call of freedom and watching E10 flying all over the pasture, E11 with wings up, bravely lifted off the attic branch and flew beautifully and gracefully around the pasture. Landings took a little more practice and after being chased by the pesky crows, E11 landed in a front pine tree hopping up in branches there. E11 then flew to meet E10 in another pine tree eventually getting a perfect score landing in the nest.

E10 and E11 worked their way to exploring the ground near the pond area. Landing on the ground, walking on the ground and flying up from the ground are more milestones for them. They chased each other and looked to be play fighting with wings and beaks. More necessary survival skills are being learned. Each strolled to the pond edge looking in the water possibly wondering what it was. E10’s talon dip may be the first step to a refreshing bath which may be on the horizon. The Family spent a few hours at the pond edge as E10 and E11 ate food items Dad brought. Harriet and M15 kept their hungry and tired fledglings fed as they expended much energy traversing their new world. Food drops were plentiful as they both compete fiercely for the food which is a natural behavior and a needed tool for their future lives in the wild.  They are excelling at self-feeding the different varieties of fish and prey. By week’s end, E10 and E11 roosted on the attic branch overnight resting well in preparation for another day of discovery.

The coming weeks will be  challenging trying to keep up with the action as E10 and E11 hone their flying skills, engage in new experiences and use their instincts to progress on their adventures with their new found freedom. Nest Notes by dadsjazz. Header Photo by Desiree DelizWEEKLY VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS

Video of Fledging

Fledge Videos by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Fledge Videos by wskrsnwings

Daily Activity Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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