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Weekly Nest Notes: Exploration & Adventure

In the days since E10 and E11 embarked on their first flight, they have been out exploring their territory gaining confidence in their flying abilities and fulfilling their senses of adventure and curiosity.  They take off in a split second and fly skillfully and purposely, bounding from one place to another. They have watched Mom and Dad intently and have been off seeking out some of their favorite perch spots. 

 E10 and E11 seem as comfortable on the ground as they are in the air and perching in a tree. They practice grabbing anything that looks interesting, carrying things in their talons and beaks. They are mimicking hunting and foraging behaviors.  E10 and E11 follow each other from place to place and often perch side by side seeming to display a fondness for each other. In the next moment, they are sparring, taking turns attacking and defending as they work on fierceness. All these behaviors are necessary for survival when they are on their own.Lessons continued throughout the week as Harriet and M15 delivered food to different places on the ground. E10 and E11 reached new milestones securing the prey and carrying it to a branch to eat.  E11 was first to fly with the fish to the snag tree but it fell to the ground.  E10 later went back to find it on the ground and took it to the branch to finish it off.  Another first was E10 grabbing the fish delivered to the ground by M15 and flying with it back to the nest to eat it. Mealtime brings out their aggressiveness as they vie for the food warning off the other and even Harriet and M15 with loud vocals and impressive mantles. They all have engaged in many tug-o-prey battles.  They are finding their Big Eagle voices

.E10 and E11 are now fully grown and appear larger than Mom and Dad with their longer feathers to help with flight.  E10 and E11 are employing the many lessons learned from their exceptional Eagle Parents, sharpening skills and engaging their keen instincts as they become more and more independent. These smart and healthy Fledglings are well on their way to earning their Juvenile Eagle stripes, and one flight closer to their ultimate adventure.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz. 

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Family Dinner On Ground Under Moss Tree 3.18.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E10 Wins Tug-O-Fish & Bites Mom On Beak w/ SLO MO 3.19.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Day With The E’s ~ Selfies, Playtime, Pond & Horses 3.20.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M Brings In Surf & Turf ~ Harriet Takes Fish And Leaves 3.21.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Sibling Love ~ Affectionate Beaking & Allopreening; E11 Hovers High 3.21.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Tug~O~Squirrel ~ Harriet Pulls Prey Out Of E10’s Throat 3.22.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Everyone’s Screaming Including Dad ~ E10 Gets The Fish 3.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E10 Flies With Fish & Eats On Branch First Time 3.24.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~  E11 Flies With Fish & Eats & Eats On Snag First Time w/SLO Mo 3.24.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Saturday At The Pond; Visits By H & M 3.24.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~Catch Me If You Can ~ E’s Playing At The Pond; Horses Wading 3.25.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~E10 Brings Fish Back to Nest To Eat ~ First Time! 3.25.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E11 Balances & Eats Fish On Branch ~ Drops & Retrieves It 3.25.18

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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