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Weekly Nest Notes: Limitless Lessons

Harriet and M15 have imparted many lessons to their Juvenile offspring, E10 and E11, who have been making serious strides in their skill levels. They have equally broken through most barriers including leaving the nest pasture flying across the busy road possibly to the river. They displayed mock aerial battles as they fly with strength and confidence. Their independence is becoming more apparent as they roost away from the nest tree overnight. Dad circled the pasture with a fish catch to teach E10 and E11 to give chase, follow the food, steal and keep it. They have been successfully more aggressive at meal times as they use their wit and instincts to take the prey to a branch or a better place to eat the meal uninterrupted. They have had to defend their meal one from the other and then from Mom and Dad. Food may be delivered less and less as Harriet and M15 try to encourage E10 and E11 to follow them to some favorite hunting and fishing grounds to observe how it is done.

E10 and E11 finally ventured into the pond for the first time. E10 seemed to enjoy the refreshing  water, splashing around and taking a proper bath with wing dips and all. E11’s first bath was more of a peaceful soaking while watching the ducks drift by. Ducks that would later in the week become targets as E10 and E11 swooped the pond but the savvy ducks would duck foiling their attempts

The opportunity to watch E10 and E11 grow and excel in their environment has been an experience like no other.  Harriet and M15 are ensuring that the world is expanding for E10 and E11 and are showing them that their abilities are limitless.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz. Header Photo by Desiree Deliz 

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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