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Weekly Nest Notes: Wonder to Wander

E10 and E11 are awake and active at first light, filled with renewed energy and curiosity. There is a twinkle in their eyes as they wonder where their next flight will take them. Then in a flash, they are off to wander to new places. They have been observed soaring high up in the thermals to areas beyond the pasture. They have discovered Yonder Pond across the road where they can perch in peace from the pesky crows. It has been a challenge to keep up with these thrill-seeking Juveniles. E10 and E11 are sharpening their skills and abilities and are becoming well equipped with all that is necessary to survive on their own. They got their “Eagle” on when E11 fiercely defended the nest from Juvenile Eagles flying through the territory and flushed out a sub-adult Eagle that landed in the nest tree. E10 remained on the snag tree branch with their food secure from the intruders. 

Harriet and M15 continue to educate and encourage E10 and E11 in the ways of Eagle life allowing them their independence but also stepping in when needed. Dad spent an afternoon at the pond with E10 and E11 showing them how to take a proper bath. M15 changed up the food deliveries landing at different places on the ground or a nearby snag tree causing E10 and E11 to work for their meal. Harriet remains in Mom mode as she watches over her young Raptors. She stayed close to offer support when windy weather moved through the area. Harriet never misses an opportunity to teach lessons, especially with food as she battles with E10 or E11 for their meal and finishes it off.  Finding and keeping food will prove crucial to their survival.  Most evenings E10 and E11 have perched alone as Mom and Dad roosted elsewhere within their view. E10 and E11 take in all the sights, sounds, comings and goings in their territory. They wander with courage and ease as Juvenile Eagles making their way to wonderful places. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights 

 Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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