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Weekly Nest Notes: Confident and Fearless

E10 and E11 take heed to their natural instincts and curiosities as they are called to the far reaches of their territory exploring the outer ponds and pastures flying with confidence and strength. Skill and courage are evident as they soar higher and longer in their daily excursions seeking out new adventures.  Each had the experience of losing their footing and hanging upside down from a branch before figuring out how to let go and fly off. E10 and E11 have been almost tethered together as they have grown and learned. Most of their close interactions have been kind and tender mixed with sparring and spats between them.   There seemed to be a new dynamic over the week as each was vying for their own space and standing their ground to assert their independence.  Many times it looked as if they followed one another to be sure one didn’t have something the other wanted then at other times they seemed to want to be on their own. They perched separately some of the time throughout the day or overnight. E11 follows Mom’s lead and has taken on the role of fearless enforcer with Eagles who have wandered into the territory. On one day, E11 vocalized the warning then fiercely flushed out and chased several juvenile and sub-adult eagles, making the message clear to stay away.

Harriet and M15 will continue to provide food to E10 and E11 for as long as they stay in the area but the deliveries may be slowing down. Hunger can motivate these capable Juveniles to follow Mom and Dad on hunting expeditions. M15 has been an impressive hunter and teacher as he flies into the pasture landing on the ground or on one of the snag trees with  wide varieties of prey. E10 and E11 aggressively battle for the meal, flying with their catch to the nest or to another place protecting their prize. E10 and E11 are great at stealing and holding on to the meal but need a little work on speed eating. Harriet is quick to swoop in to eat the remaining food teaching them that there is always someone to try to take it.  These are the most important lessons: get the food, keep the food and eat it fast.

Harriet and M15 can rest in the confidence that they have produced well-educated offspring who will rise to the challenges ahead. Practice, practice, practice is paying off for these amazing Juveniles as they prepare for their ultimate adventures in the ways of Eagle life and grow into their majesty. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz- Header Photo by Desiree Deliz

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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