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Weekly Nest Notes: The Call of Adventure

Life in the pasture became quieter and more serene with long stretches between sightings of E10, E11, Harriet, and M15. Mom made fewer appearances in the nest area, E10 and E11 were off exploring areas away from the territory and reliable Dad still made occasional food drops to the nest or pasture. E10 and E11 may have been following Harriet and M15 to their favorite places to observe their hunting and fishing techniques.  As Nesting Season nears the end, the time to follow the call of their own adventure is arriving quickly for these two spirited Juvenile Eagles. They have excelled in all their lessons and have developed their keen instincts. Their strength and intelligence are evident as they soar  farther and higher with great confidence and purpose. They are formidable young raptors who can stand their ground and defend their space. Their skill at grabbing meals when they can is becoming ingrained.

The evenings usually ended with everyone accounted for, E10 and E11 landing in the nest tree and Mom and Dad perched in the west pasture or another tree nearby. Over the week, E10 roosted away from the nest one night and then on another night, neither E11 nor Harriet came home. The food delivered by M15 the next morning was quickly snatched by E10 and devoured. They both looked around seeming to expect E11 to rush in for the steal. There were no sightings of E11 or Harriet throughout the day. As nightfall began, E10 perched on the nest tree and M15 on the Old cam Tree as if to be near E10 overnight.  Was E11 with Harriet somewhere hunting?  The very next day a muddy looking Harriet flew to the nest with E10 chasing closely behind her. M15 also brought a squirrel to the nest and the three had a feast. E11 did not come to the nest for food and was not one to miss a meal.  Has the time come for E11’s journey? Many thoughts and emotions were swirling.

E10 was adjusting well to being the solo Juvenile Eagle in the territory. In the flash of a moment, E10 and E11 flew to the nest from across the road, E11 with the usual vocal refrain and E10 bestowing welcomes. M15 delivered a huge fish that was immediately snagged by E11. It was a happy sight to see that E11’s excursion was short lived. How long will E10 and E11 stay? One great lesson learned from observing Eagles and all nature for that matter is that one never knows for sure how events will unfold. The saga continues…           

Nest Notes by dadsjazz- Header Photo by Sharon Dunne

Weekly Video Highlights

Video by Lady Hawk (capture from SWFEC cameras)

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

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