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Nest Notes Extra: Happy Mother’s Day Harriet!

Harriet savors her time of renewal as an active and successful nesting season winds down. She can be found at times perching in the far reaches of the territory enjoying a meal, relaxing and preening.  Her sights are still set on preservation of the home front as she makes occasional appearances and delivers sticks or fresh pine boughs to her nest. Harriet has selflessly given of herself and is the mainstay that holds her family together.  She reigns over her domain with control and fierceness balanced with nurturing and tenderness. Mutual devotion between her and her mate M15 provide abundance and security to ensure their offspring will flourish. Harriet inspires and trusts M15 and they work together as a finely tuned team.

Every season unfolds in unique ways presenting everyday occurrences and challenges. Harriet’s strong resolve allows her to persevere and endure whatever comes her way. She exudes confidence and acceptance in the face of adversity. Her beauty radiates in calmness. She is ever present to attend to the needs of her family with courage, strength and intuition. Harriet excels in all aspects in her role as Majestic Eagle Mom. Nest Note Extra by dadsjazz- Header photo from 2017 by Anja Edelman

Video Highlights of Harriet

Video by Lady Hawk captured from SWFEC cameras

Ground Videy by wskrsnwings

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