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Weekly Nest Notes- Fine Tuning the Details

Harriet and M15 are making great strides as they ready the nest. Most early mornings find them either perched in the nest tree or nearby. M15 is usually first to the nest taking notice of what materials are needed. He is then off in a flash scoping out the trees for that perfect stick or to the ground looking for more grasses. His biggest find was a huge air plant/bromeliad which he tried to return to the nest only to lose is in the process.  Harriet likes to add fresh pine greenery and spends her time in the nest rearranging the sticks. The nest looks very inviting as they fine-tune the details.  Both have been lying in the nest bowl to make sure all is perfect for their precious cargo.  Harriet and M15 are well engaged in their efforts and their daily regimens are taking shape. M15 brings food gifts for Harriet and she is eager to accept them.  

Harriet and M15 are completely aware of all that goes on in the area and make every effort to flush out any intruders including the sub adult and juvenile Eagles who visited the nest tree. Their vantage points from Harriet’s high branch in the nest tree, the power poles to the North, the west pasture perches and the trees near Yonder pond are perfect places to survey their domain.  Harriet and M15 fly to the edge of their territory delivering a message to the neighboring Eagle pair on the cell tower to keep their distance. Harriet and M15 are inching closer to realizing the fruits of their labor and have proven their actions are dedicated to their soon to be offspring. All hope is for success in their efforts. Notes Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Sunrise & Early Morning Mating 10.30.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M’s On A Roll ~ Sticks & Grasses To Ready The Nest For Eggs 10.30.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Juvie Lands In Nest Tree ~ Harriet & M Alert w/ SLO MO 10.31.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M Lays In Nest Bowl, 3 Matings, 2 Dominance, Sticks, Vocals & Closeups 11.1.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Visitor To Nest Tree ~ Harriet & M Alert 11.2.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ First Rabbit Lunch Of The Season; Soft Moss & Laying In the Bowl 11.2.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M Brings In Grasses & Tests Out The Nest Bowl Again! 11.3.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet’s Dominance ~ Not Today Dear ~ Rabbit On Menu 11.4.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ by Lady Hawk; Headless Fish Gift ~ Nestorations Continue ~ Sticks & Grasses 11.5.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet & M Alert ~ Juvie Visitor Lands On Outer Branch 11.5.18

Video by Anja Edelman (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video by  Uta Große (captured from SWFEC camera)

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