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Weekly Nest Notes: Contemplating the Coming Events

Harriet and M15 add the finishing touches to the nest with soft grasses and moss for their eggs and with many strong sticks for rails to secure hatchlings. M15 has become the master nest builder finding the perfect nest materials and air plant gifts for Harriet. Harriet likes to observe and add her voice and choice of where she wants everything placed.  Harriet has been much of a homebody these days, perching on the outer branches of the nest tree watching the territory and preening. She may be savoring these days of freedom and contemplating the coming events and months of rearing their young.  M15 takes excellent care of Harriet and their domain.  Food deliveries are made by M15 mostly every day and have become a critical time since there are many hungry scavengers looking for a meal. Safety and security are essential now that competition for food, mates, and territory are evident. They fiercely protect their territory from encroaching juvenile, other adult Eagles and all visitors who are now considered threats to be quickly warned away and escorted out of the area.

Harriet becomes more demanding in her desire to procreate displaying her intentions in her dominant behaviors. She vocalizes to M15, gives him a good push with her foot and at times climbs on his back. These actions let M15 know that the time is right, he obliges most times and moves away at other times. These intense actions on Harriet’s part are normal for bonded Eagle pairs. The female is the dominant partner to be sure that her mate will be loyal to her and their offspring and provide all that is necessary to raise their family.  M15 has proven himself well in his devotion to Harriet over the last 3 seasons. When eggs are laid and eaglets hatch Harriet’s mood softens as she tends to her precious offspring and she shows her appreciation to M15.  Excitement is building watching this process underway and the days are counting down to egg laying and eaglets.  

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Anja Edelman (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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