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Special Hatch Edition Nest Notes: Welcome E12 & E13

Harriet & M welcomed two beautiful new additions to their family. In the warm bright sunshine, E12 finally hatched from Egg#1 on December 23, 2018, at 11:26 am. E13 began the process of breaking out of the shell and during the night of December 24, 2018, at 10:35 pm, was seen wiggling under Mom.  The process of hatching begins many hours before a first crack or PIP appears on the shell of the egg. The chick works very hard inside the shell to free itself and emerge into a big new world.

A few days earlier M15 brought in grasses and sticks and started stocking up the pantry. M15 was eager to see his new precious Eaglets and immediately took over his turn brooding and feeding of them. The first attempts at feeding are awkward as the Eaglets struggle to control their bobbly heads. Dad seems to offer bites that are bigger than Mom’s. E12 and E13 hatched close together but are already quite adept at vying for their share of food. The sparring is instinctive and they are programmed for survival right out of the shell. Each seems to stand their ground and at times were submissive which are both important survival skills. The coming months will involve the insightful and exciting journey of these two priceless Eaglets under the excellent care of Mom and Dad. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Weekly Video Highlights

Hatch Videos by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Pip Pip Hooray ~ First Pip Seen This Morning! 12.22.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ WELCOME TO THE WORLD E12 ~ Official Hatch! 12.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Daddy’s Home ~ M Sees E12 For First Time; E12 Closeups; Harriet Brings Fish 12.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Cuteness Overload ~ First Feeding Attempt; A Peek At E12’s Umbilical Cord 12.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Family Of Three ~ M Brings New Bedding For Nest; Harriet Feeds E12 12.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M Feeds a Hungry E12 ~ Pip Progressing ~ Egg Tooth Seen & Movement 12.24.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Welcome To The World E13 ~ Official Hatch 12.24.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Christmas Morning Feedings By Dad 12.25.18

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