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Weekly Nest Notes: Growing by Leaps & Bounds

E12 and E13 are experiencing a tremendous growth spurt and seem to change in appearance from morning to night. At hatch, they weighed about 3 ounces and were around 3 inches tall and in a few short weeks, they are nearly 2 pounds and almost one foot tall. Harriet and M15 have delivered nutritious food items keeping these two filled to the brim. A wide variety of prey has been stocked in the pantry for voracious appetites.  A menu of small bites of fish or prey has morphed into larger pieces of rabbit or squirrel with a little fur attached. Battles between the two at feeding time occur less and less as each gets their share of the meal. Most of their encounters are just kids being kids and are over quickly. E12 is slightly larger but E13 will surely catch up soon. Eagle young are among the fastest growing species from hatch to adult size which happens over about an 8 week period. Their darker gray thermal down feathers are emerging and enabling them to regulate their body temperatures. E12 and E13 are getting stronger and stronger working on sitting upright, flapping their growing wings and walking on their “hocks” (leg bones above their ankles). They look awkward as larger beaks, bigger feet, longer wings and fluffy, wiggly tails are bumping out nicely.

Mom and Dad secure their territory keeping eyes to the skies, alerting any intruders and promptly escorting them out of the area. They take some time for themselves to perch together, drink or bathe in the pond, or spend time preening in a shady tree never losing sight of their precious E12 and E13. Mom still spends overnight on the nest with them and Dad is usually standing guard overhead or in a nearby tree.

E12 and E13 ventured out of the nest bowl early on and haven’t missed a beat exploring the boundaries of the nest rails. They are imprinting and learning as they are more aware and watch all the activities of Mom and Dad around the nest. E12 and E13 are tall enough now to peek over the rails as curiosity kicks in. They have an innate fear of falling and are bottom heavy which will keep them anchored in the nest for now. The warmer temperatures allow great views of them as they nap, wake up, eat a meal and cruise around the nest-all to drift off to sleep again and start over. Growing babies need lots of sleep and these two are excelling and growing by leaps and bounds. Nest Notes by dadsjazz

Header Photo: Best Buds. (Anja Edelman from SWFEC camera)

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

  • First View Of Our 8/9 Day Old Eaglets From The Ground 01-02-19
  • Action Packed AM~Lost & Found Pelt~Tandem Defense Flight~Opossum~Grass & Sticks 01-02-19
  • Harriet & M15 Fill The Pantry~Flyabout By H & A Bath for M 01-04-19
  • Vocals In The Fog~Early Food Delivery~M15 Visits Yonder Pond 01-07-19

Video by Lady Hawk (SWFEC cameras)

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