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Weekly Nest Notes: Watch Us Grow

E12 and E13’s development is on the  fast track as they grow bigger and stronger right before our eyes.  They are adding about 5 ounces of weight each day and are at least a foot tall. Their new darker thermal down helps them keep cool or warm as needed.  They pick at and preen themselves as feathers continue to grow in and also to help their juvenile pin feathers that are starting to emerge on sprouting wings and tails.  

They are exercising and flapping their wings that span around 20 inches. Soon their feet and beaks will be close to adult size. E12 and E13 have become steady and determined in their adventures around the nest and even manage to stand at times to get their healthy poop shots (PS) over the rails. They are beginning to grab sticks with their beaks and move their discoveries around the nest. They can be seen from the ground sitting tall above the nest rails as they as they scope out the big world below

.Mom and Dad bring a variety of quality food items for their hungry Eaglets who eagerly grab their share of the food. There have been times when they competed for the food and battled for each bite. Other times their crops were almost bursting and neither seemed to want another bite as they nodded off snuggled together. Their rivalry is normal behavior and allows them to learn to thrive when they are on their own. E12 is more assertive getting in line first for food and E13 is more stealthy learning how to sneak in and get good portions at feeding time. Finding food and eating it all quickly before someone else does are critical lessons for survival in the wild. Mom usually eats the fish tails but E13 snagged one and was not able to get it down. Enter E12 who grabbed the tail and swallowed it whole. E12 and E13 watch and observe Mom and Dad constantly taking in all that goes on.  These two aware and alert Eaglets have great Parents as examples for their education in all that is Eagle. Harriet and M15 expend tremendous energy providing for and protecting their family. They take well-deserved breaks to rest, regroup, soar the thermals and maybe have a meal and a refreshing bath away from the nest.  Their work seems never to be finished but Harriet and M15 are in perfect harmony caring for their cherished Eaglets as they watch them grow. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wkrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

Photos by Anja Edelman/Sharon Dunne

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