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Weekly Nest Notes: A Tale of Two Eaglets

Harriet and M15 guide and take excellent care of their two flourishing Eaglets. During their 30 days of rapid growth, E12 and E13 seem to change in appearance minute by minute. Their darker thermal feathers are pushing out the light natal down giving them fluffy cotton top headdresses. Following right behind thermal down are the beginnings of beautiful juvenile feathers looking like paint brushes as they emerge on wing tips, budding little tails and just about everywhere else. They are a menagerie of colors and textures blending in with the backdrop of the nest as nature intended.  Standing for longer periods strengthens leg muscles and flapping away in the breezes builds up spreading wings and chests for a future flight. E12 and E13 are much taller and are easily viewed from the ground over the nest rails.

E12 and E13 are sharpening their skills even though they are confined to the boundaries of the nest. Lesson are being learned continually and all interactions in the nest build upon each other. They have been  introduced to an interesting array of food items including many types of fish, squirrel, rabbit, opossum, egret and even a wild pig hoof. They intently watch as food is delivered, de-furred, de-feathered and served. They seem to know what food is, looking for and picking at leftovers in the nest. Their tug-o-war over a pelt is the beginning of a new round of food competition.  E13 is becoming more sly and clever at feeding time getting to the food. E12 and E13 have a natural sense of curiosity finding treasures in the nest like bones, a pine cone and Mom’s fresh pine bough. They mimic Mom and Dad dragging moss and nest material and moving sticks on the rails. They are gaining command of their almost adult size feet and practice grasping items. They will eventually be holding and tearing food for their own meals.

These two robust and eager Eaglets are being imprinted with valuable tools for their future survival from exemplary parents. Mom and Dad carry on educating their exceptional Eaglets as they make tremendous strides in Eagle life and the tale of E12 and E13 continues. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz.
Header photo of H and Eaglets by Desiree Deliz.

Video Highlights

Ground Video by wsksnwings

  • See The E’s Wing/Eat/Preen/Tug-O-Pelt~H Casts Pellet~M Brings 2 Fish 01-18-19

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC camera)

Video by Lady Hawk

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