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Weekly Nest Notes: New Experiences and Lessons

Harriet and M15 devote endless hours providing for the needs and imparting lessons for the survival of  E12 and E13 as they are introduced to countless new experiences in Eagle life. Some events are everyday subtle happenings and some are more exact and intense. Many of E12 and E13’s actions and behaviors are inherent and many are learned by observation and example. Their natural curiosity drives them to explore and track all activity around them.

E12 and E13 are accomplishing many milestones along the way. Their height and wingspan are approaching 2 feet. They weigh in the neighborhood of 6 pounds. Darker juvenile contour and flight feathers are growing in beautifully. Legs are becoming stronger and they are standing for longer periods of time while exercising their wings, preening and traipsing around the nest. Younger E13 is a step behind E12 but is catching up nicely. They recognize food items and are searching the nest for leftover morsels.  They both took control of a fish M15 delivered dragging it across the nest and pecking at it. They managed to get small bites off the fish in an attempt at self-feeding which is another milestone on the horizon.

The weather turned cooler and E12 and E13 experienced their first all day rain. Mom did her best to keep them sheltered but they all got a good soaking. Dad came through and delivered food to the nest in spite of the blustery conditions. Life goes on through the storm for them. The week found them spending their first night alone on the nest sleeping as Mom and Dad roosted directly above watching over them. Protection from all threats is of their utmost concern. E12 and E13 have learned the importance of laying low when the alert is sounded. As M15 perched on the attic branch overnight he was startled when an owl buzzed by. Harriet vocalized the alarm as he flew off the branch and around the pasture to secure the area. Harriet and M15 put into place everyday opportunities to ensure success for E12 and E13.  All the new experiences in the lives of these two inquisitive and intelligent Eaglets will serve them well on their journey. 

Nest Notes by dadsjazz. Header Photo by Anja Edelman

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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