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Weekly Nest Notes: Wings in the Breeze

E12 and E13 earn top marks as they surpass many milestones. They are stunning, dark feathered Beauties and are nearly the size of Mom and Dad. They are feeling the breezes flapping and hopping away with gloriously expanding wings, growing stronger and more confident. They are acutely aware of all the activities in and around the nest, tracking the skies and beyond.

By week’s end, E12 performed an impressive mantle, rushing at Dad’s food delivery with wings open wide, claiming the fish and keeping it for their own.  E13 observed the action and eventually got in on the meal trying to grab it away with tug-o-fish ensuing. Back and forth stealing is good practice and exercise for the future in getting their food needs met. Harriet and M15 seemed to have backed away from immediately feeding E12 and E13 and allowed them to work on self-feeding. They are getting better and better at grasping and tearing off pieces of prey for themselves. Mom usually stands by watching their progress and will eventually step in to help serve the meal.  They stand tall and strong as they roam around the nest foraging for any remaining tidbits of food, carrying leftover bones, Mom’s air plants, sticks, and any interesting findings.  

Harriet and M15 dedicate their lives to providing all the necessities for their treasured family. They devote time to fortify themselves, each other and ensure that E12 and E13 are well prepared for the coming stages in their development. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.
(Header photo by Desiree Deliz)

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Gives M The Foot ~ Live Flopping Fish ~ E12 Bites Dad’s Beak 2.4.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E12 Living On The Edge; Wingercising; Tongue Barbs & Following Mom To Veranda 2.4.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E12 Casts Pellet; Sleepy Harriet & E’s Attempting Self Feeding 2.5.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ E12 & E13 Six Weeks Old ~ Wingers, Closeups & Anhinga On Pylon 2.5.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Straight A’s For The E’s ~ Lessons Continue ~ Mantling, Stealing & Self Feeding 2.6.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Terrible Tweens ~ E12 Wing Slaps E13 & E13 Bites Mom’s Neck 2.6.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Breaks Off Pine Bough & Hangs Upside Down ~ H & M Together 2.7.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet’s Whole Fish ~ E12 Mantles & Bites Her Toes; Swallows Tail 2.8.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Special Treat Today ~ Dad Delivers Chicken McNuggets ~ E’s Love It 2.8.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Family Affair ~ All Lined Up Together On Nest ~ M Feeds E13 Before Bed 2.8.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Special Family Time ~ Harriet, M & E’s Together 2.9.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ That’s A Whole Lot Of Winging Going On ~ E12 Wing Slaps E13 2.9.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet Allopreens The E’s ~ E12 Just Wants To Self Feed 2.10.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Harriet & M15 Gorgeous Closeups On Attic ~ Harriet Gives M The Foot Again 2.10.19

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