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Weekly Nest Notes: Small Step, Giant Feat

E12 and E13 exercised their magnificent wings building strength, stamina and control in preparation for their future flights. They caught big air lifting them higher and higher while flapping away in the breezes. They each took a small step off the nest for an Eaglet and a giant leap toward their milestone to freedom. E12 hopped up with ease to the veranda branch and E13 launched there 2 days later. Now the fun begins as they set their sights on higher perches in the nest tree. They seem advanced for their ages with E12 being the youngest and E13 tied for second youngest among the Eaglets to branch from the nest over 7 Seasons. E12 visited the veranda branch again and stayed a while preening, winging and appearing to enjoy the new perspective.  E12 and E13 are engaging all their practice grasping onto the nest rails, balancing there and fly hopping from one edge to the other. Although it may seem like a small accomplishment, their branching is a test in courage and progress. They pass this feat with flying colors!

E12 and E13 are becoming formidable forces in the nest and feeding times are more intense. The food deliveries become “drop and go” by  Mom and Dad who get mobbed by hungry, eager Eaglets where toes, beaks and neck feathers are fair game. E12 and E13 have made great strides in their self-feeding techniques as they tear into the prey with gusto. E13 displayed their inner Eagle stealing a meal, keeping it, and warning Mom, Dad and E12 to stay away. Important survival tools are being honed during the battles for food in the nest which will prove invaluable in the wild.  Mom and Dad perch above the nest giving E12 and E13 space to discover and practice new behaviors. Dad dropped a fresh squirrel catch on the nest and immediately fled to the attic branch with Mom.  Both E’s mantled and fought for the prey as E13 grabbed it and studied it while keeping E12 at bay.

Mom and Dad observed as E13 began the task of opening and eating the squirrel. After a while, E12 snagged the prey in a tug-o-squirrel.  E12 did well working on it, then Mom eventually came to the nest to offer another lesson in de-furring. Striving for daily survival will be a reality for E12 and E13 in their coming journeys. They will be well prepared as Harriet and M15 lead by outstanding example imparting many vital lessons to their intelligent, robust Eaglets.  Nest Notes by dadsjazz.  Header photo by Desiree Deliz

E12 Branching Videos (from SWFEC cameras)

E13 Branching Videos (from SWFEC cameras)

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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