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Weekly Nest Notes: Reaching for New Heights

E12 and E13 are acing all the tests put before them. They are employing their inborn abilities and are engaging in new behaviors.  Nature provides the breezes as they work out wondrous wings, gaining power and loft as they fly hop from edge to edge in the nest. E12 explores the veranda branches and E13 windsurfs on the spike branch. They perch together at times and land one on top of the other at times. The nest area seems to be shrinking when E12 and E13 flap away causing skirmishes as each defends their own space. E13 gains more courage standing their ground when E12 becomes assertive. Room to move freely will become abundant as E12 and E13 reach for higher and farther branches and only use the nest for a springboard.

Harriet and M15 perch together above the nest most nights keeping their bond strong. They showed great confidence in their grown-up E12 and E13 when they roosted in a west pasture tree for a few nights. Mom and Dad always have their Eagle eyes trained on the nest and their dear E’s. Harriet and M15 are impressive providers for their family and focus all their energy on success for E12 and E13.  

E12 and E13 continue sharpening their skills and instincts and absorb all the valuable examples by Mom and Dad. Meal time competition is important for E12 and E13 as they fight for the food and keep it. Stealing from others is a good thing in this case and is necessary for their survival. They are forceful in their actions to warn anyone away from their catch, even Mom and Dad. E12 and E13’s intelligence, curiosity and growing fierceness will be tremendous attributes as they travel through Eagle Life.   Nest Notes by dadsjazz.
Header photo: by Pamela Chaney Stallings (from SWFEC camera)

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWEC cameras)

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