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Weekly Nest Notes: First Flights of Freedom

E12 and E13 have taken their first flights away from the nest tree and discovery and adventure have been on their agenda every day since. E12 executed an impressive fledge flying courageously with a perfect landing on the pasture snag.  After soaking in all the new views and feeling the freedom, E12 flew back to the nest tree trunk with another perfect landing. E13’s behavior of pushing and flapping at E12’s return to the nest was not very welcoming.  Moments later they were both perched closely together on the attic branch. They waver between wanting to belong and defending their space. After an event-filled day, E13 roosted on an outer branch of the nest tree while E12 returned to the nest for a peaceful sleep. Enter the pesky Owl who did what Owls do in the darkness of night and buzzed E13 from the tree branch. E13 recovered and landed on a lower branch under the nest. At first light E13 confidently climbed and flap hopped back up the branch to nest level making the easy jump to the security of the nest.

E12 and E13 spent the next day discovering new branches in the nest tree, performing daring high hovers and filling up on all the food Dad delivered.  E12 overshot the veranda branch and was holding on while hanging there. Mom came to see what the commotion was about causing E12 to let go and land on a branch under the nest. E12 then flap hopped back up to the nest as E13 had done earlier.

E13 greeted the new day with excitement and energy and took the first leap to freedom flying to a front pine and eventually to the pasture snag. E13 relished in all the sights from new perspectives. E13 aced the landing on the return flight to the nest.  E12 embarked on their second full flight around the pasture and explored the front pine tree branch. With their curiosity and sense of adventure ignited, both Fledgelings flew with amazing skill, sought out new perches and soared the skies around the pasture and beyond. E12 was on the fast track gliding to the ground, finding the pond and even taking a bath, all within a few days of fledging. E13 also discovered the ground as the two frolicked at the pond bank, perched on the fence and walked along the driveway as their siblings before them. E12 and E13 continually break through new milestones as they proceed on their journey to independence and freedom.  Harriet and M15 observe E12 and E13 and may have a sense of their success rearing their two exceptional Juveniles. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

E12’s Fledge Videos

  • Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)  SWFL Eagles ~ E12 Fledges & Triumphantly Returns To The Nest! ~ 79 Days Old 3.12.19

E13’s Fledge Videos

  • Wskrsnwings:   E13 Fledges~E12 Takes 2nd Flight~Both Fledglings Take 2 More Flights 03-14-19
  • Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)  SWFL Eagles ~ E13 Fledges Today 7:41 AM Day 79 3.14.19
  • Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)    3/14/2019..E13 fledges at 79 days old.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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