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Weekly Nest Notes: Success on the Hunt

E12 and E13 have an impressive list of accomplishments and continue honing their instincts and practicing lessons learned. They have become formidable forces as they display their strength and fierceness defending their territory from intruders, mock fighting for their own space and protecting their food from each other and Mom and Dad.  They flew with great precision around the pasture and pond chasing all the birds there while practicing the hunt.

Each day presents new challenges in Eagle life.  Harriet and M15 seemed to lessen the food deliveries to the immediate area over the week. This could be a sign that they want E12 and E13 to follow them to their hunting and fishing grounds.  Perching at  Yonder Pond with the Adults and exploring areas beyond the territory allows them to observe the art of the hunt.  Learning that food is not readily available and taking all opportunities finding a meal is the most important lesson of all. Mom and Dad both delivered food for their clever Juveniles to reward their progress.

The Eagle Family roosted together on the Old Cam Tree and in the nest tree overnight through the week. Each departed early to their favorite places in the area. E12 and E13 perched on a snag by the pond surveying the pasture. They made an occasional swoop around the pond and pasture fending off being buzzed by the pesky birds. E12’s keen eye spied a flurry of grackles on the ground, made a beeline to the action and escaped with a catch. E12 flew off and away to defend the prize and enjoy the meal. The impressive achievement reinforced the lessons of opportunity and method for a successful hunt. They have watched Harriet and M15 flush out the egrets in their effort to catch one. E12 and E13 will build upon all imprinting and instincts on their quest for survival in their expeditions through Eagle life. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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