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Weekly Nest Notes: Traveling to Greatness

Harriet and M15 have had a successful Nesting Season bringing new life into the world. They nurtured their offspring while preparing them for Eagle life. E12 and E13 grabbed ahold of all the resources provided to them allowing their transformation into two stunning Juvenile Eagles. Their inherent abilities have been expanded upon under the guidance of exceptional Parents. Food, food and more food lessons have been ingrained in E12 and E13 since they broke into the world a few short months ago. They will continue to develop into fierce competitors and hunters. The day would come when these two phenomenal Juveniles would be off to practice and experience life on their own.

E13 perched with E12 on the attic branch for a long while before flying off on a venture that may have taken them to far away places.  E12 roosted with Mom and Dad in the Old Cam Tree that evening, E13 had not returned to the pasture.  M15 delivered breakfast to the ground by the pond which would usually entice E13 to join in. E12 enjoyed the first meal alone and took it to the nest to finish. There was an eerie calmness in the pasture as E12 flew from place to place possibly looking for E13. As a few more days passed the reality that E13 may have departed on their voyage was becoming more apparent.

E12 was off in the early morning exploring the areas farther from the territory. M15 delivered food and seemed surprised that no one was there to take it. E12 did not return home that evening. Harriet and M15 arrived at the nest at dusk, tended to some housekeeping, rearranged sticks, and removed some old bones. At daybreak, Harriet and M15 began their early morning activities of bringing sticks to the nest and to another tree in the west pasture. This was their behavior in the past signaling that the Season was indeed at an end. Then, as quickly as E12 departed, they arrived at the treetop perch and took a bath in their beloved pond. It was a welcomed sight to see Mom, Dad, and E12 roosting on the Old Cam Tree one more time. Harriet and M15 appear to take it all in stride. There are no absolutes, no routine and no guarantees in their lives, only their survival from moment to moment.  E12 may decide in a split second to fly off on their own just as E13 did. May they both be graced by the Great Eagle Spirit to soar to the highest heights on strong thermals and to find an abundance of food on their travels to greatness. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

  • Pasture Antics: Nestover Play In Trees/On Ground~E12 Chases Crow With Food 04-24-19
  • First Breakfast Without E13~E12 Saves Self-Pulls Pelt Out & Re-Swallows 04-26-19
  • No Sighting Of The E’s~H&M Work In Nest & West Pasture Snag~Yonder Pond 04-28-19

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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