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Weekly Nest Notes: New Family Dynamics

Harriet and M15 have toiled long and hard to propagate their species over the past several Seasons. They have successfully raised and guided strong, intelligent Juveniles off on their way to experience freedom. Many years of observing the nature of Eagles have revealed behaviors and patterns of their cycle of life.  E13 has followed the natural progression by departing the territory to explore the path of Eagle life.  Sibling E12 does not seem as eager to be off on their own journey as of this writing.  There may be a turn of events as the Family’s dynamics seem to have taken a new turn.

E12 seems perfectly content to remain in the pasture enjoying all the comforts of home, lazing away the warm days in a shady spot, and being catered to by still doting Eagle parents.  These actions seem to be contrary to the lessons up to this point.  Food deliveries appeared to lessen as the time for the Juveniles to depart grew closer. Many notations have been that Eagle Moms began a sort of detachment from their grown babies. Eagle Dads continued in their “feeding the family mode” and delivered food as long as they were present in the area.  Harriet and M15 have provided food mostly to the nest and they have even been observed feeding E12.  Mom and Dad attempted to work on the nest through the week when E12 spent an overnight away from view a few times.  All Adult nest arrivals prompt E12 to dash in looking for food. A stick is not appreciated and E12 let them know about it. E12 kept command of the pond and was found leisurely bathing. Dad perched with E12 on a front pine snag for a while seeming to have “The Talk” about the time to be off on their own.

Harriet and M15 will continue securing the territory and caring for their capable Juvenile as long as E12 remains on the homestead. They will provide support for E12 but for how long will be a mystery. With the implementation of nest cameras, many of the sound information and theories are being tested. We are amazed at all the variables. The window into the life of Harriet and M15 is always a vehicle for our continuing education. Stay tuned as the saga continues. Nest Notes by dadsjazz.Header Photo: The Talk  (SWFEC cameras)

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

  • E12 “Hunts” For Dad~Small Food Delivery~Crows Really Pester M15 04-30-19
  • Both Adults Bring Food~E12 Shows Skills: Diverts Crow & MidAir Food Regrip 5.3.19
  • The Eagles Are Still Teaching Us: E12 Gets Fed, Eating Together~M15 Avoids Collision 5.6.19

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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