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Father’s Day Special Nest Notes: Dedicated Dad & Loyal Mate

M15 is honored on Father’s Day as the loyal mate to Harriet and dedicated Dad to their offspring.  As a young male Eagle, M15 made a grand entrance into Harriet’s life in her time of need, endeared himself to her and won the right to be her mate. He has matured into an exceptionally skilled provider and protector for his family.  His rugged, fierce demeanor is tempered with his tenderness in caring for his young and attentiveness to Harriet. 

Over the Seasons, M15 and Harriet have grown solid in their bond to each other and have successfully raised seven offspring who have gone off well prepared to live their lives as majestic Eagles. M15 has far outdone himself teaching his young with patience and devotion. He looks tattered and worn as nesting Season draws to a close. He has given all he has unselfishly for his precious family. M15 has begun his well-deserved rest now that he has mastered the role of Eagle Dad. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 

Video Extras

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

  • SWFL Eagles_Multitasker M15 Flushes Hawks & Hunts The Pond While Gathering Sticks 10-24-18
  • Last Day~Dad & E12 At Yonder Pond~Hunting By Air & Soaring~Bothersome Birds 05-16-19

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ Daddy’s Home ~ M Sees E12 For First Time; E12 Closeups; Harriet Brings Fish 12.23.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M Shares His Food With Harriet ~ Both Feed E12 ~ 12.30.18
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Fish #7 ~ Private Feeding For E13 By Dad ~ Mom Steps On E12 1.18.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ I’m Still Handsome Even While Molting ~ Adorable Lovable M 5.27.19

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