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Weekly Nest Notes- Oct. 8th- A New Season Begins!

Harriet and M15 are working to ready their nest for a new generation of offspring. Time off allowed them to renew themselves and restore energy for their grand endeavor. Harriet stopped by for an occasional visit to her beloved nest and territory throughout the summer months. The nest and tree held fast over the break. As the new Nesting Season approached, Harriet and M15 made more appearances, perched together, added sticks and grasses to the nest and engaged in all their bonding behaviors. M15 delivered a fish gift for Harriet which she graciously ate the next morning. Harriet even brought prey to the nest for her own lunch. Like a beautiful dance, they picked up where they left off and never missed a beat.

Securing the home front is a priority as they warn away unwanted visitors. Harriet and M15 perched in the nest tree overnight and pesky owls buzzed M15 one night then Harriet the very next night. They were caught off guard by the silent flight of the owls who are possibly looking for a nest. Harriet and M15 remain cautious and alert in defense of their nest and territory which they are not about to give up. Situations may change and the landscape may shift but Harriet and M15 will work tirelessly making all the necessary preparations to ensure a successful Season of rearing their young.  

Nest Notes by dadsjazz. Photo by Sharon Dunne.


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (captured from SWFEC cameras)

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