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Weekly Nest Notes (Oct. 14) : Building & Bonding

Harriet and M15 continued their “nestorations” through the week showing their impressive skills. Early mornings find them performing amazing aerial stick grabs, returning to the nest with their “catches.” Harriet has done her fair share of nest building while giving orders to M15 on material placement. Harriet also reminds M15 of her intentions with her vocals and  famous foot “love tap” when she is ready for mating. They are well-tuned with each other and the time for building and bonding is robust.

Harriet and M15 are united in all their efforts including securing their territory. As the time for laying eggs approaches, they will become less tolerant of visitors. The night visiting owls have been put on notice that they aren’t welcome in the nest tree. A sub-adult Eagle flew in perching overnight in the upper tree branches. Vocal alerts were sounded but eventually, Harriet and M15 may have realized there was no threat and drifted back off to sleep. In the morning M15 decided the visitor’s stay was long enough and sent them on their way. The next afternoon there was a long visit by possible the same sub-adult Eagle. They enjoyed the pond and nest tree and even the nest before flying off.  Eagles, especially young ones, equate a nest with food, so the youngster may have been looking for “nestovers” while moving nest materials. Harriet brought in and ate a squirrel earlier but it is doubtful she left a morsel behind. Harriet and M15 frequently dash over to the boundary of their territory to make their presence know to the neighboring Eagles. No harm is done, just formal reminders to the neighbor Eagle pair to not cross the line.

As habitat shrinks for many species they must adapt to their new surroundings. Many of the trees at Yonder Pond have been removed to make way for development. It seems more birds are flying around the pasture recently. They and Harriet and M15 will learn to adjust to their life as they have done for many years. There is great hope for success as Harriet and M15 resolve to bring new life to the territory. Nest Notes by dadsjazz 


Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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