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Weekly Nest Notes: Presenting the New Arrivals (Nov 19.)

Harriet and M15 began the week placing more materials in the nest for the arrival of their greatly anticipated Eggs. Additional sticks and grasses were brought as the nest becomes a secure and comfy nursery. Everything looked to be on schedule since Harriet has been known to lay their Eggs closer to the middle or end of November. Nature follows a path that adheres to principles unknown to humans. Instincts and inherent behaviors guide Harriet and M15 in their daily lives.

Harriet laid the first Egg of the Season on November 12 with M standing by on the nest doing his usual stick arranging. As Harriet lay quietly in the nest, M moved to the attic above her eventually coming back to the nest to get his first look at their beautiful Egg. Harriet’s history has been to lay 2 Eggs, but after 3 days, thoughts were that maybe it would be a one Egg season. Everything is on “Eagle Time” and Harriet proceeded to lay Egg 2 on November 16 as M15 stood by her side once again. They are an exceptionally in-sync pair taking their turns with nest duties and Egg tending.

Harriet and M15 stand together in the care and defense of their tender cargo, fending off all perceived harm.  M15 guards his precious Harriet and their Eggs in the overnight hours and both are watchful and always aware of the happenings throughout the day. An Adult Eagle landed in the nest tree as Harriet incubated the Eggs. She loudly vocalized her warning to the intruder,  not budging from the Eggs. When the unwelcome Eagle tried to land in the nest, she rose up and fiercely pushed them away. The intruder cautiously moved around the nest tree and territory for several hours as Harriet remained on the nest protecting her Eggs and vocalizing more warnings. M15 returned from his hunting mission to drive the intruder away in a drama filled chase around the pasture and territory. Harriet joined in the effort and they succeeded to eliminate the dangerous threat enforcing their message to Keep Out.  They remained on high alert for a while and eventually settled in for a peaceful night.  Harriet and M15 display for all to see their unbreakable bond and unstoppable efforts to protect their new arrivals and each other. Nest Notes by dadsjazz. 

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by Anja Edelman (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ HARRIET LAYS FIRST EGG!! ♥♥ M15 On Nest During Labor! Congratulations! 11.12.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Wants To See His Egg!! Tries *PEEKING* Under Harriet’s Petticoats! ♥♥ 11.12.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ The Owl Is Back! Hits M15 & Knocks From Branch! 11.13.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Finally Sees The Egg & Incubates For The First Time! 11.13.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Beautiful Closeups Of Harriet & M’s Egg ♥ M Incubates & Covers It In Grasses! 11.13.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 STOCKS The PANTRY!! 5 Fish Delivered! Ready For Chicks Not Eggs lol 11.14.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ HARRIET LAYS EGG #2!! Welcome To The World!! XOXO ♥♥ 11.16.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ I Want Fish Not Fluff!! M15 Brings Double Talons Of Grasses! 11.16.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Night To Remember! M15 At Harriet’s Side During Labor Egg #2 ~ 360 Cam View 11.16.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Bold Brazen INTRUDER At Nest Tree! Harriet On HIGH ALERT! Chases Out Of Nest! 11.17.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Heart Pounding ACTION PACKED ~ Complete Multi Cam Coverage ~ H & M Chasing INTRUDER!

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