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Weekly Nest Notes: Perfecting the Timing (Dec. 3)

Harriet and M15 have perfected the timing of their nest duty exchanges. One flies in with grass, sticks or a prey item and the other is ready to leave without missing a beat. They spend countless hours carefully rolling and incubating their treasured Eggs. Watching the skies and territory, preening and pulling grasses closer are done while protecting the Eggs which are about halfway to the hatching their precious Eaglets.

Harriet and M15 engage in self-care during their free time, keeping themselves clean, strong, and nourished. Their chosen home territory provides a beautiful pond, ample hunting grounds, and wonderful perches to view all the comings and goings. Grasses and sticks are brought daily keeping the nest fluffed up and warm.

Security is their utmost concern as Harriet chased after the sub-adult following M15 to the nest. She wasn’t about to surrender the food gift M15 was bringing. The stealthy owls pay their occasional night fly-by and are quickly deterred as M15 keeps his Eagle eyes ready.  Harriet and M15 adapt to their lives day by day, moment by moment and are ready for any perceived threats. Their survival and that of their young depends their constant awareness and careful diligence. Nest Notes by dadsjazz. 

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Covers The Eggs In Grasses! Awesome Flyby Cam 2 11.25.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Another Owl Strike!! Knocks M15 Off Branch!! 11.25.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ Honey Look What I Brought You! M15 Brings Palm Frond~ Puts On Harriet! 11.25.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ You’ve Got A Friend! M15 & Muscovy Duck Together At The Pond 11.26.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ SUB ADULT INTRUDER Follows M15 Wanting His Prey! ~ Harriet & M Give Chase! 11.27.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ PRECIOUS CARGO! Closeups Of Eggs; Muscovy Duck & M Flying At Sunset 11.27.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ A Mother’s Love ♥ Harriet Brings In Grasses & Rolls Eggs ♥ M15 Flyby SLOMO! 11.29.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ M15 Has A BLAST Taking A Bath! Look At All His friends Join Him! Egg Views! 11.29.19
  • SWFL Eagles~ Awesome M15 On Snag! DOUBLE TALON Grass Delivery! Changing of Guard & Egg Views 12.2.19
  • SWFL Eagles ~ OWL * KNOCKS* M15 Off Branch AGAIN! M Gives Chase & Protects Harriet 12.2.19

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