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Weekly Nest Notes: Growing Fast & Strong

E15 and E16 are developing at a fascinating pace as they reach 4 weeks old. E15 is over a foot tall, weighs around 5-6 pounds with close to a 3-foot wingspan. E16 is a few steps behind but quickly closing in on older E15’s stature. They interact much like human siblings, civil one minute and rumbling the next. While E15 is aggressive at meal-time and gets to the food first, E16 has learned to lay low and make their move to the food when the time is right. Harriet and M15 have provided many different meal choices but it is up to each Eaglet to step up to the offerings and get their share. The competition for food is a behavior that will serve them well in life in the wild.

E15 and E16 are gaining strength as they practice picking up sticks and treasurers found in the nest with their beak and moving them. They enter that awkward stage with big yellow almost adult size feet and other body parts bumping out all over. Their sprawling wings are impressive as they flap away in the breezes. Those wiggly little tails are sprouting out on their growing bodies.  Fluffy headdresses of soft natal down are disappearing as thermal down replaces them. Beautiful dark Juvenile feathers are emerging on wing tips and everywhere else. E15 and E16 navigate around the nest quickly, walking on their “hocks” the leg bones above their ankles.  They gain balance and leg strength and will begin to stand for long periods. They pick at fish and prey left in the nest and will soon begin to self-feed tearing the food on their own.

E15 and E16 are intelligent and are acutely aware of their surrounding. They take in all the activity as they track Mom and Dad’s movements and flights in and out of the nest. They peer at the world outside of the nest as they rest at the rails. Curiosity drives them to the edge but they know the boundaries. E15 and E16 have accomplished many milestones as they make tremendous progress in their journey under the care and guidance of excellent Eagle Parents. Nest Notes by dadsjazz. – Photo by Desiree Deliz

Weekly Video Highlights

Ground Video by wskrsnwings

Video by JCsEagleCottage (from SWFEC cameras)

Video by Lady Hawk (from SWFEC cameras)

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